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Bulk SMS

This is the act of sending an SMS message to large groups of recipients at once. SMS messages are purchased in bulk, hence the term, and are considerably cheaper than regular SMS from your phone. In addition Bulk SMS is a considerably cheaper method of mass communication than regular mail, and much more efficient than e-mail marketing.

Our SMS Platform Bulk SMS module offers top Quality of Service, combined with a wide range of features necessary for the smooth running of your bulk SMS campaigns. No software installation is required - our Bulk SMS module will be available through the SMS Platform web-based administration tool.

The Bulk SMS platform can be used by Marketing Agencies, Politicians, Communities, Radio/TV Stations, Retail Shops / B2B Businesses, Auto Dealers, Night Clubs, Schools and Universities, Newspapers and anyone wishing to create a customer list in order to inform them. Simply log in, upload your list of recipients, type in your message and click Send. Messages are sent via the Internet directly to your recipients' mobile phones, and you get statistics and reports, all online, at one place.


Group SMS

The Bulk SMS Module can be used to send mass SMS messages to mobile phones, either to users that have used your service, or to the numbers in your own database. Our Bulk SMS module provides an easy-to-use interface for your mass SMS dispatches. You may send SMS either to a group of users, or to an individual mobile user.

The mobile phone numbers from users of your opt-in sales promotion (2-way SMS service) can easily be organized into groups from the your service overview page, which allows you to add numbers ad hoc. The groups can then be used as the recipients of specific dispatches of bulk SMS messages. There is also a management page for your groups, which allows you to manually add numbers, or import them from a file, delete existing numbers, copy numbers between groups, etc.


Scheduled SMS

The Bulk SMS tool allows you to schedule your SMS dispatches for a time in the future, when it would be most appropriate for the consumers to receive your message. Your campaign manager should not necessarily be available at the exact time when you want your promotional message to be sent out via SMS. All he or she would have to do is program our system to send your customer's SMS messages at the desired point in time, and attend other more pressing business, knowing that our system will guarantee the messages will be dispatched right on schedule.

We recommend to all our customers, as good practice, to always schedule their SMS for dispatch, rather than send them directly. This way, they can afford to double-check their message, as it sits in the Scheduled SMS Queue, to make sure they can catch last minute mistakes they would have otherwise missed. And these are the type of mistakes that cost and we only realize when it is too late to stop the SMS from leaving.

On the other hand, scheduled SMS dispatches can always be canceled, at no cost or trouble, simply with the click of a mouse, so that it would be removed from the Scheduled SMS Queue. No SMS will ever leave - nor will you be charged. Just call this our way of letting you make up for your mistakes.


Multimedia SMS

The SMS Platform also provides you with the ability to include multimedia attachments in your Bulk SMS. In particular it provides support for WAP Push SMS, which allow you to send your multimedia content, like an attachment to an SMS. The consumer who receives the SMS, will be prompted to visit the link that the WAP Push SMS message contains, so that they can view and download the content.

WAP Push SMS are commonly used to distribute premium multimedia content (such as ringtones, wallpapers, mobile applications etc.) to mobile phones, or equally often to attract the consumer to a given webpage. It provides the available tools to build an online digital content library which you can use to attach files to your SMS messages. You simply upload the file to the library, fill-in your message, select the recipient number or group and the multimedia file, and click Send.

You can set the sender of your bulk SMS messages to either an alphanumeric value or a short code used by the platform (e.g. send to AirTouch instead of 2905 for example).We have alphanumeric value option at a nominal setup fee.


Detailed SMS report

The Bulk SMS tool provides a detailed report with the history of all your SMS dispatches (Group or Single), allowing you to always have the most up-to-date information about the status of your SMS messages. In the dynamic environment of Bulk SMS where change is the only constant, knowing the detailed delivery status of each and every SMS routed through your system is crucial in ensuring the high quality of service that brings customer satisfaction.

e ensure you are as informed as possible about the status of each SMS sent, converting and mapping all the different confusing error codes passed by international aggregators and carriers alike, into understandable text for your users - your customers.


Mobile Marketing

Reach your customers or members anywhere, any time. SMS Campaign is one of the latest and fastest growing types of marketing owing to its low cost and high return on investment. It is credited for posting promotions and updates in the pockets of existing and potential customers. Whereas it is permission based type of marketing, it offers higher response rates as most mobile phone users open and view text messages at their convenience. Our marketing platform allows you to quickly, easily and economically implement mobile campaigns and spin your database into gold.

Cell phone penetration in Kenya exceeds that of the internet. And, as cell phone penetration continues to grow, internet has flattened out. Mobile Marketing allows a brand, media, or content provider to target subscribers anytime, anywhere with its message. Whether they are at home, at work, in the car, or travelling on business or vacation, mobile marketing never rests.


Mobile Advertising

Text messaging has been steadily gaining popularity as an advertising medium. And for good reason! Advertisers who use text messaging to promote their products are able to reach out to a highly targeted group of consumers. Millions upon millions of people all over Kenya own cell phones that have the ability to receive text messages.

When comparing the relatively low cost of SMS advertising to that of more traditional advertising options, the choice is obvious. Text messaging is the most efficient and cost effective way to reach the largest target audience. Advertisers can promote their products in several ways through text messaging. They can send instant coupons, promotional messages and even last minute sales and discounts directly to their prospects

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